You might run into a situation with your laser that will activate an error code. Here are some common codes for the most popular medical lasers on the market.

Palomar Starlux 300 & 500

22 – Hand piece cooltip water flow is restricted/low
23 – Water Level too low
53 – Hand piece cooltip water pressure high
69 – Internal Lamp Controller voltages exceed limits (power supply)
109 – Internal hand piece communication error

Cutera Xeo

246 – Flashlamp won’t start
249 – Yag flashlamp won’t start
323 – Yag Tip temp fault
345 – Flashlamp broken
367 – High Voltage Power Supply Post failed

Candela (MGL, GYag)

15 – Transmission Fault
10.1 – Hand piece changed or unrecognized while in ready
10.5 – Slider button pressed while in Ready State. Cannot change spot-size while in ready
Purge – Air was detected in the cryogen lines. Bubble percentage is outside of tolerable range (~15% bubbles)

Lumenis Lightsheers

E15 – The diode laser light output as measured by the console energy detector is too low System Stuck in “Cooling Mode” – The EPI (ChillTip) temperature is 5 degree Celsius over the set point temperature
P3 – Laser Diode Too Hot (over temperature)
P4 – FET (field-effect transistor) Too Hot (over temperature)
P5 – Main Heat Exchanger Temp. and Diode Temp – the temperature difference between the Main Heat Exchanger and the Diode Laser Back Plane Heat Exchanger is greater than 4 degrees Celsius.

Lumenis Duet

137 – Temperature sensor failure. Temperature difference between HS diodes backplane and coolant temperature

Cynosure Apogee Elite

E23 – Low Transmission Replace Fiber/Hand piece
W53 – Low Water Add Water

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