Skin Inc “4 Tips To A Smart Laser Investment”

Our very own Eric Graham, VP of Sales at Sentient contributes valuable information to Skin Inc. about investing in laser procurement from overseas. Read his article “4 Tips To A Smart Laser Investment.”

Sentient Lasers Announces Launch of Dot Demo Service

Leading Solutions Company in the Aesthetic Laser Market Launches Industry-First Live Video Demonstration for Full Transparency of Laser Capabilities

PARK CITY— February 19, 2019Sentient Lasers, the leading solutions company in the aesthetic laser industry which specializes in service, sales, procurement, leasing and warranty, announced today the launch of its Dot Demo service. A first for the aesthetic laser market, the Dot Demo service provides customers with a live video demonstration of a laser of their choice from the comfort of their home or office.

Dot Demo is designed to make it easier for current and potential customers to learn about the lasers they’re interested in purchasing. They can virtually view the laser, ask questions about it, watch it function properly, and make sure all accessories and parts are accounted for as specified; all from the comfort of their own home or office.

“We created Dot Demo because we saw a need for transparency in the aesthetic laser industry,” said Tim Jutras, service manager at Sentient Lasers. “Time and time again, people have come to us with stories about purchasing a laser from a broker and either receiving a laser that doesn’t work and then not hearing back from the seller or even worse, never actually receiving the laser that they purchased. At Sentient, our customers can trust that they are getting exactly what they need and expect, and Dot Demo only helps reassure them of that.”

Along with launching the Dot Demo service, Sentient Lasers also unveiled a new website that is easier than ever to navigate. Featuring a comprehensive way to look for aesthetic lasers, the website allows users to search by brand, model or procedure and browse through hundreds of lasers. The site features the ability for owners to sell their lasers in safe, easy way. The entire Blue Dot Certification process is detailed through the site providing the full process. Additionally, the website features a 24-hour live video feed so that customers can see into every aspect of Sentient Lasers’ operation from the entryway and office suites to the shipping area and warehouse. To schedule a Dot Demo on Sentient Lasers’ website, users can simply search through Sentient Lasers’ vast inventory of Blue Dot Certified lasers, find the product they are interested in virtually viewing, and schedule a time with a specialist.

This is the second time Sentient Lasers is changing the way the medical laser industry does business. In 2017, the company announced the launch of its proprietary Blue Dot Certification®, a 20-point inspection created to ensure quality, longevity, transparency and safety for aesthetic lasers. The certification has set a standard in the industry, guaranteeing that customers receive the best and safest possible product, following a rigorous refurbishing process.

For more information on Sentient Lasers, its Blue Dot Certification and to schedule your very own Dot Demo, visit

About Sentient Lasers

Founded in 2009, Sentient Lasers is a leading company in the pre-owned aesthetic laser industry that delivers the highest quality, most reliable pre-owned aesthetic lasers to physicians and med spas around the world. Sentient Lasers buys, sells and services aesthetic lasers as well as IPL and RF devices. The company is revolutionizing the pre-owned laser industry with its proprietary Blue Dot Certification®, a rigorous 20-point inspection and refurbishing process that ensures quality, longevity, safety, and clinical efficacy for aesthetic lasers. Based in Park City, Utah, Sentient Lasers focuses on providing the best customer experience available, making it easier for businesses to diversify their practice and help other physicians gain market share in the fast-growing space. For more information, visit 

Blue Dot Certified Aesthetic Lasers for Sale: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

This is an overview of the full buying guide that we offer to aesthetic practitioners sifting through the many IPL, RF, and medical lasers for sale coming into the market.

For more information call our experts at (855) 819-3781 for information before deciding to purchase a RF, IPL, or medical laser for sale from another source.

There are a few very important things you should know before purchasing or leasing a new or Blue Dot Certified laser, IPL, or RF (LIPLRF)

This buying guide may not be reproduced without written permission of the author.

  1. Properly maintained and refurbished lasers can have high efficacy for well over ten years.
  2. Never buy something new, unless there is a very good business reason to buy it new.
  3. Never buy a system with an expensive consumable such as a tip or pad.
  4. Be sure to validate the device you are buying before making payment.
  5. Make sure that any devices requiring installation are properly installed.
  6. Always get trained by someone who has trained hundreds of buyers.
    • check out your trainer.
    • a good trainer will teach both clinically and academically.
    • Your trainer should be a resource long after training is complete.
  7. Know who you are doing business with.
    Ask yourself these questions:
  • How can a broker have the resources to properly prepare your device and all attachments for shipping?
  • Does the broker have the right type of crating and packaging?
  • Will they ensure that all of the accessories are obtained from the seller?
  • Does the party that you are doing business with have a dedicated engineering and tech staff that thoroughly tests all lasers before they are sent out?  Most brokers claim they do, but actually use the services of moonlighting techs.
  • Does the broker carry product liability insurance?
  • Many pre-owned systems are out of warranty, out of calibration, have had no preventative maintenance for months (or years), have not been inspected for safety or electrical issues, are not drained, and often do not function to specification. Does the broker you are working with have the resources to restore lasers to like-new condition?
  • Does the party you are doing business with have a dedicated trainer that will be a wonderful resource for your practice?
  • Buy the right solution for you – not the medical laser for sale the salesperson promises will do everything and treat everyone.
  • Do not fall for the “demo” medical laser for sale.
  • Know who your seller really is, not what their website claims to be. Have you toured the facility? If not, ask for a Skype or Facetime tour.  Do they have a long list of complaints online that have never been resolved?
  • When is a multi-parameter platform the right platform for you? Consider system failures, ability to treat multiple patients at the same time, and customer efficacy. You’re not actually saving money.
  • Think about service after the medical laser sale. The manufacturer is not your best option; finding a good field-based technician is a time consuming task; our repair depot is usually faster and less expensive.
  • Most lasers, IPLs, and their fibers and handpieces can be refurbished. Very few manufacturers make their own parts; we change worn out parts.
  • Be aware of the fallacy of the warranty that comes with a new system.
  • What do practioners who have been using cosmetic lasers, RF devices and IPLs for 20 years know that you don’t? Most opt to buy pre-owned.
As you head out into the market to look at medical lasers for sale, please keep in mind: There are no capital equipment emergencies. Put simply, when you are feeling pressure to buy here, do not. Take your time and do your homework. When it is right for you, you will know.

If we can be of service please don’t hesitate to call (855) 819-3781 for no obligation answers to your questions about aesthetic IPL, RF and medical lasers for sale. We create relationships with our buyers, and invite you to experience the Sentient Difference.

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