The xeo Laser From Cutera

For the Cutera xeo, meeting the needs of a practice serving a diverse community makes it one of the most popular cosmetic lasers on the market. Performing over 20 aesthetic procedures, the xeo combines three laser + light technologies, along with seven multi-functional handpieces. With the xeo, you can treat a broad range of skin types and body areas.

20+ treatment options
Contact Cooling with Nd:YAG/IPL
Safe for all skin types (Nd:YAG/IPL)
NO downtime (Nd:YAG/IPL)
Cutera xeo cosmetic laser

Here are the range of aesthetic treatments that can be performed with the Cutera xeo

Port Wine Stains (PWS)
Venous Lakes
Facial Veins
Leg Veins
Inflammatory Acne
Age/Brown Spots
Skin Tags
Acne Scars
Scar Reduction
Dermal Heating
Hair Removal

Cutera xeo Laser Configuration Options

The xeo laser and light-based modules are customizable so you can match your treatments to the needs of your clientele. Whether it is maintenance care or corrective procedures, the Cutera xeo can be configured to meet the needs of a diverse client base.

Since the xeo can be customized at any time, you can change it as you need. But to start, there are some standard configurations to consider.

truPulse™ Nd:YAG Laser

Treat a broad range of conditions. If hair removal and vascular lesions are core to your business, then the truPulse™ Nd:YAG a great configuration and has no downtime. This offers the Laser Genesis™ procedure for skin revitalization.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

For treating the signs of aging, consider the broad set of intense pulsed light options with this configuration. Beyond hair removal, xeo + IPL can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dyschromia and provides deep dermal heating.

Er:YSGG Laser

Cosmetic issues concerning superficial skin imperfections are best treated with CUTERA’s ablative skin resurfacing solution; the Genesis Laser. The Er:YSGG Laser provides the perfect combination of heat with ablation, delivered fractionally or full field.

Typical Treatment For Cutera xeo Handpieces

truPulse™ Nd:YAG Laser

  • Epidermal to dermal vascular and pigment imperfections
  • Laser hair removal safe for all skin types—even tanned skin
  • Overall skin therapy with Laser Genesis™ procedure
  • Facial and lower extremity vascular lesions
  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser Genesis™
  • All skin types
  • All-year-round

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

  • Benign pigmented lesions (sun/age spots)
  • Vascular lesions
  • Color balance
  • Improve overall complexion
  • Offer 2D Revitalize Therapy procedure.

ProWave LX™

  • High-speed hair removal
  • Larger zones
  • Lighter/finer hair


  • Deep, volumetric heating of the dermis
  • Offer 3D Revitalize Therapy procedure


  • Full epidermal renewal procedure to address superficial skin imperfections and signs of aging like sun/age spots and wrinkles
  • Maximum patient outcome; minimal downtime

Pearl™ Fractional

  • Treat imperfections and tired/weathered skin
  • Compliment surgical procedures that require a short downtime

For a cost effective Blue Dot Certified Cutera xeo, visit this page.