Our Used Cutera Laser Solutions

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  • Refurbished pre-owned Cutera lasers, certified and warranted by our in-house technicians
  • Over 100 cosmetic lasers currently in stock
  • Extremely flexible payment plans
  • Used Cutera aesthetic laser machines typically ship within 24 hours
  • All systems refurbished to our strict Certified Refurbishment Process

Now Sentient Lasers offers your practice the opportunity to expand the range of services you can offer to your patients with pre-owned Cutera laser systems, while at the same time enhancing the profitability of these services.

Quality used Cutera lasers combined with outstanding Sentient service offer upgradeable platforms that future-proof your used laser investment. Your practice will avoid obsolescence, and we empower you to offer solutions for hair removal, non-ablative skin treatments, fractional and ablative skin resurfacing, vascular conditions, and more.

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cutera-xeo used lasers

Cutera Xeo

cutera Excel HR used lasers

Cutera Excel HR

cutera-coolglide used lasers

Cutera Coolglide Vantage

Cutera Xeo

One of the best multi-platform aesthetic laser and IPL workstations available. Built-in 1064 Nd:Yag laser hand piece for darker skin hair removal, laser genesis, and vein treatments. Also available with Titan, Titan S, Titan XL, LimeLight, ProWave, Pearl, OPS 600 and Acutip hand pieces for a multitude of aesthetic treatments

Cutera Solera Opus

Stand-alone cosmetic IPL system. Available with Titan hand pieces for skin tightening, ProWave770 for light skin hair removal, and LimeLight for benign pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and color balance treatments

Cutera Excel HR

1064nm Nd:Yag laser and 755nm Alexandrite laser in one unit, perfect for laser hair removal on all skin types, as well as vascular and benign pigmented lesion treatments. Motorized spot size switching eliminates the need to change hand pieces or delivery systems. Integrated sapphire contact cooling provides excellent patient comfort.

Safety. Clinical Excellence. Savings.

With over 4,000 Cutera lasers installed and in operation worldwide, Cutera prioritizes the safety and clinical excellence of their products. With our nationwide network of service providers employing manufacturer-trained engineers and technicians, Sentient puts its focus on providing the best post-sale experience in the industry for refurbished pre-owned  Cutera lasers.

Founded in the San Francisco Bay area in 1998 by pioneers of CO2 and Nd:YAG laser technology, the Cutera laser manufacturing company has grown into one of the premier providers of aesthetic lasers in the market.

Experienced practitioners of aesthetic medicine understand the dedication to excellence and drive to innovate that sets Cutera Laser solutions apart from its competitors.

There are currently high volumes of high quality used lasers available. Thanks to the maturity of the industry, lasers coming off leases, the state of the economy and other factors, now is an ideal time for your practice to expand into the growing, profitable field of laser aesthetic procedures. Sentient makes this option more attractive than ever.

For immediate assistance with your certified preowned Cutera Laser systems call 855-819-3781.