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The Lutronic laser company has become one of the largest and most trusted names in the aesthetic device industry, bringing intuitive, robust and versatile machines to market, improving the lives of practitioners and patients around the world.

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Lutronic Accusculpt II used lasers

Lutronic Accusculpt II

Lutronic Advantage used lasers

Lutronic Advantage

Lutronic Clarity used lasers

Lutronic Clarity

Lutronic eCO2 used lasers

Lutronic eCO2

Lutronic Healite used lasers

Lutronic Healite

Lutronic Infini used lasers

Lutronic Infini

Lutronic Spectra VRMII used lasers

Lutronic Spectra VRMII

Lutronic Spectra Used lasers

Lutronic Spectra

Versatile devices, optimized outcomes, significant savings

Lutronic has been in business for over 15 years and employs over 250 employees worldwide. Lutronic has established itself as a leading innovator in laser and laser-related cosmetic equipment, just as Sentient has positioned itself as an industry leader in providing sales and service for pre-owned aesthetic devices.

Even with the significant savings now available, investing in a cosmetic laser system is a significant decision. Our objective is to help you feel as comfortable as possible regarding this purchase. That’s why we provide what-you-see-is-what-you-get operational video of the specific laser you’re considering, as well as extensive photo documentation on every machine – including visible serial numbers. Our in-house technicians carefully service each system.

We’re so proud of our sales and post-sale procedures, we’ve put our name on it: “The Sentient Difference.”

Every Lutronic laser system offers multiple settings, empowering practitioners to customize existing treatments to meet the unique needs of their patients, or to expand their service offerings into profitable new arenas, such as tattoo removal, vascular treatments, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, body and facial rejuvenation, and more.

Sentient offers these groundbreaking machines at up to 75% off the retail price of a new system. In addition to this powerful savings incentive, each system comes with a unique, best-in-breed customizable warranty. Our Certified Refurbishment process, guided by expert technicians trained at the top laser manufacturers, means you will be getting a device that meets manufacturer specs, and is guaranteed to be in good working order.