In the past, there were two ways to purchase aesthetic laser equipment. You could buy new or you could buy used. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Sentient provides a new and better way with more advantages than buying both new and used. We call it “Buying Blue” and it will save your company time and money while also ensuring safety and reliability.

Here are some disadvantages of buying new and used:

Buying New

  • High cost
  • Huge depreciation
  • Massive negative equity for the owner
  • Average $12,000 per year service contract. A laser typically needs $1,500 in actual service a year
  • Lack of true consulting. Original equipment manufacturers only sell their product so they won’t give an honest comparison to other manufacturer’s products

Buying Used “Grey”

  • The device may not be set to manufacturers specifications
  • The device may be faulty and could create huge liabilities for your company
  • Another party may claim the equipment because there was a lien on it
  • The device you purchase may be stolen
  • You may have to pay up to a $30,000 recertification fee to the original equipment manufacturer for service
  • You could receive a remanufactured and non-FDA approved device

“Buying Blue” is better every way:

  • Sentient delivers equipment set to the manufacturers specifications–guaranteed
  • Sentient equipment comes with:
    • Standard warranties
    •  Clinical training
    •  Professional installation
  • Save up to 50% compared to purchasing new equipment
  • Financing available
  • Zero recertification fees
  • Depot and field service available
  • No brand allegiance. We have experts that can help you choose the best device for your business
  • Standard warranty

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