The 20 Point Blue Dot Certification Inspection

What makes “Buying Blue” a safe, simpler, and overall more beneficial experience?  Our Blue Dot Certification programs combines the benefits of buying used with the advantages of buying new. This rigorous 20-point inspection guarantees quality, longevity, safety,  and clinical efficacy for every aesthetic laser we sell.  Here’s how we do it:

  1. Clean all dust from interior of machine
  2. Clean or replace air filters
  3. Flush and refill coolant system
  4. Replace water filters and deionizing cartridges
  5. replace any damaged optics with OEM or equivalent parts
  6. Clean all laser and delivery system optics
  7. Rebuild laser cavity components as needed to meet manufacturer energy specifications
  8. Refurbish handpieces and reset pulse counters
  9. Test and calibrate all power supplies
  10. Align laser to articulated arm or fiber optic delivery system
  11. Calibrate output energy using OEM specific procedures and test equipment
  12. Documented Proof of Calibration for machine and handpieces
  13. Calibrate touch screens
  14. Ensure exterior of machine is in good mechanical and cosmetic condition
  15. Minimum of 24 hour run-time final testing after all refurbishment is complete
  16. Machine condition and operation is photo and video documented before being packaged
  17. All water drained from machine and handpieces to prevent freezing during shipping
  18. Coolant refill kit and phone support provided to ensure machine is refilled to proper level
  19. Professional crating or packaging of machine and all accessories
  20. Follow up support for setup and installation of equipment





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