Why Cutera Lasers Are On The Top Of Our List

No doubt you see that there are a lot of cosmetic laser manufacturers. While the field is still relatively young, Cutera has been a quality manufacturer for over 15 years. As a company that specialized in used aesthetic lasers, we get to see the range of equipment, how long it lasts and how well it performs. Cutera’s history has been one of reliability and quality.

Starting in 2000 with the CoolGlide CV, the first of their ND:Yag lasers .  What made this laser special was that it was not only a first for Cutera but demonstrated to the industry the wavelength technology was a viable method for permanent hair removal. The company was able to target the follicles while minimizing the impact on melanin in the epidermis. Along with the wavelength breakthrough, the original CoolGlide provided a level of control that was unmatched in the industry.

Cutera didn’t rest with the first generation of ND:Yag technology. The following year, they release the CoolGlide Excel. This enhanced the original laser with a broader range of treatment options that included vascular treatments, making it even more valuable to practices that offer cosmetic treatments. In addition to more treatment options, the new CoolGlide Excel offered the technicians greater control of the machine’s parameters as well.

By 2002, Cutera expanded the capabilities of the CoolGlide line with the introduction of the CoolGlide Vantage. The wide range of skin treatments offered by the Genesis technology incorporated in the Vantage laser added greater value to laser treatment practices.

2003 saw the introduction of the first Xeo Laser from Cutera. Providing the greatest variety of treatment options yet, the Xeo became a bedrock for many practices. Over the years, the introduction of technology like Titan®, LimeLight®, ProWave 770™, AcuTip™, ProWave LX™, and Laser Genesis™ have expanded the Xeo’s capabilities even further.

Cutera continues to expand the capabilities of the Excel and Xeo lines of cosmetic lasers.  The Excel HR for hair removal and the Excel V for vascular treatments set the standard for the industry.

The introduction of the ProWave LX allows providers to overcome the limits of other IPL technology for hair removal. Lighter and finer hair removal is not more easily possible with the better targeting capabilities. Of the ProWave line for xeo.

Whether you are in the market for an older Cutera laser or looking for more recent technology, the refurbished Cutera lasers have proven to be reliable and economical for practices that want to offer cosmetic services to their patients. Contact Sentient Laser and we will work with you to ensure you understand your options and select the best cosmetic laser for your needs.

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