CO2 Laser Technology for Cosmetic Treatments

CO2 lasers have been used in cosmetic treatments for decades. While it is called a CO2 laser, there are other gasses involved, nitrogen and helium. Combining an electrical charge, a tube, and mirrors, are the elements in generating a laser light that can be used in aesthetic, or skin, treatments.

What are the elements of a CO2 laser

First, we start with a tube that has mirrors on each end. One mirror is a fully reflective mirror, the opposite mirror is partially reflective. This is the discharge tube.

Attached to this tube is a line for the gas mixture, electric contact, and an “exhaust” line.

The electric contacts send a current through the length of the tube. This electrical charge stimulates the nitrogen molecules, creating an “excited state”, which the nitrogen can hold for long periods of time. The vibrating nitrogen molecules then stimulate the CO2 molecules. As the number of molecules excited within the system increases above the non-excited, the state of population inversion is created.

You might think of the electric current through the nitrogen as shaking the soda can. It begins a reaction the build up energy that eventually needs to be released.

Once population inversion is achieved, the gas is ready to release the energy created by the active molecules in the form of photons. To cause this release, very cold helium molecules are released into the discharge tube. When the excited molecules come in contact with the cold helium molecules, the photons are released.

The photon light builds up in intensity as it reflects off the mirrors within the discharge tube, The photons will continue to be reflected or bounce between the two mirrors building up energy, until the light intensity is sufficient to “push through” the semi-reflected mirror in the form of a laser.

The CO2 laser can be one of the most powerful lasers. The strength of the laser output depends on the electric energy input. 20w – 100w lasers are used for machining metals, though the lasers can be 1000w or more.  Cosmetic lasers typically operate in the 30w-60w range.

Since CO2 lasers are in the invisible infrared waveband, an aiming beam is used to see where the laser will be applied.  

Why CO2 Lasers are good for cosmetic procedures

CO2 lasers operate at a10,600 nm wavelength which is easily absorbed by water. Since skin contains a high percentage of water,  the CO2 laser is great for precise, safe ablation.

The Newer cosmetic CO2 lasers use high pulse rates or scattered light beams which reduce heat damage to the skin. By reducing the potential skin damage with a pulsing laser, higher power lasers can be used and treatments are able to affect deeper tissue removal and for pronounced wrinkles and creases.

If you are looking for a CO2 laser for your cosmetic or dermatologic practice, one of the most popular on the market is the Lumenis UltraPulse Encore. If you have questions about how the CO2 lasers operate or which is best for you patients, please contact us.

End of Year Spending On Aesthetic Lasers

At the end of the year businesses may have money left to spend, and the mantra “use it or lose it” usually applies. There are many ways to use this leftover money to your advantage, but at Sentient, we think investing in quality resources that can enhance the value of your business is always the way to go.

An aesthetic laser can grow your practice in many ways. Getting the right laser for your patient population provides additional treatments, which means an additional source of revenue. That, coupled with the opportunity to market your practice with year-end specials means momentum rolling into the new year.

There’s no need to buy a brand new laser – buying refurbished lasers are a great way to get the product you’re looking for at a lower cost than direct from a manufacturer. We have many aesthetic lasers that have gone through our rigorous Blue Dot Certification program to ensure quality and safety. To learn more about this process, please click here.

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The Growing Market for Spider Vein Treatments

Our population is aging and baby boomers are seeing the effects of time. Even healthy people see it. Among the outward signs of aging, spider veins (tiny varicose veins that do not protrude above the skin)  appearing anywhere from the legs to the face have people seeking cosmetic options.  With the active lifestyle many people lead, even into their senior years, simply covering up spider veins is not a solution.

As our population ages, the median age surpassed 37.5 this year, according to the U.S. Census.  Those over 65 make up 15% of the population in our country and its growing. If you’ve paid attention, you have noticed that even those over 65 are maintaining an active lifestyle. While the population grows older it creates a growing market for certain types of cosmetic laser treatment, including spider vein treatment.

As they grow older, people are staying in shape, engaging in outdoor activities, and want to wear shorts and go swimming without concern for cosmetic issues like spider veins. It is not just that the population is aging, it is also remaining active. This is a growing market for medical practices.

One of the older treatments for spider veins is Sclerotherapy. This treatment requires the injection of a solution into the veins which blanch and shrink the veins. It is a key treatment method for more severe vein problems and is very reliable. However, though minimally invasive, this treatment is more complicated than newer spider vein treatment options.

A more recent option is laser treatment

While laser treatment for spider veins cannot always be used, there are situations in which it is preferable. For smaller spider veins on the legs (usually appearing above the knee), or for the appearance of these veins on the face, laser procedures have been very effective. When veins are too small or present in too sensitive an area for Sclerotherapy, doctors find laser treatments to be efficacious.

Laser Treatment for Veins

As with other laser applications, the treatment of spider veins relies on the delivery of light pulses to heat the treated area. By applying a pulse to the affected areas, the heat coagulates the vein causing it to shrink and eventually be absorbed by the body.

Patients usually have 1 to 4 rounds of laser treatment spaced about 4 weeks apart. During this time, there can be skin irritation and redness. These side effect will fade, but topical treatment will ease the discomfort.

Laser Models for  Spider Vein Treatment

The Harmony XL PRO with a special 1064nm Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser.

The Cutera lasers to treat spider veins include xeo, excel HR, and excel V.

Candela VBeam Perfecta and Gentle Pro models are good options for spider veins.

For more challenging vein issues, the minimally invasive Endovenous Laser Ablation, EVLA treatment is an option. We will cover this in later posts.

Sentient Lasers Partners with

Sentient Lasers Partners with to Provide Customers with Blue Dot Certified Aesthetic Lasers

Pre-Owned Laser Distributors Collaborate to Bring Certified, Trusted Devices to Medical Professionals Worldwide

PARK CITY—Nov. 10, 2017Sentient Lasers, the leading pre-owned aesthetic laser company that buys, sells, warranties, and provides service contracts for aesthetic lasers and devices, announced today its partnership with Georgia-based is one of the first pre-owned laser distributors to adopt Sentient Lasers’ Blue Dot Certification to ensure quality, longevity, transparency, and safety for aesthetic lasers and provide customers with equipment they can trust. is a doctor-to-doctor source for medical lasers, providing laser and IPL services to more than 10,000 medical professionals worldwide. The company’s mission is to deliver excellence in the laser marketplace, striving to exceed customer expectations with an unmatched level of professionalism when serving the medical community. offers customers the opportunity to buy or sell pre-owned lasers and provides purchasers with warranty and training to ensure they get most out of their laser during the length of its lifecycle.

Sentient Lasers’ proprietary Blue Dot Certification is a 20-point inspection created to ensure quality, longevity, transparency, and safety for aesthetic lasers. As the first ever certification offered in the aesthetic laser industry, Blue Dot Certification is designed to set a standard, guaranteeing that customers receive the best and safest product, following a rigorous refurbishing process.

As part of the collaboration, every Blue Dot Certified aesthetic laser sold through is sent through a rigorous 20-point inspection and refurbishing process that meets both Sentient Lasers and’s standard for quality, longevity, safety, and clinical efficacy. Sentient Lasers also offers all customers the opportunity to see the lasers and the full service and parts department via live video prior to making the purchase, giving customers the peace of mind that the equipment they invest in is warrantied and guaranteed to be up to manufacturers’ specifications.

“We spent a lot of time looking for a partner that offers the high caliber of customer experience that Sentient Lasers does with its Blue Dot Certification,” said Ryan Haller, Co-Owner of “With an in-house repair facility and a knowledgeable engineering department, Sentient Lasers provides the highest standards for repair and refurbishment of aesthetic lasers, and equips platforms like with the confidence that their customers are getting the quality of products and service they deserve.”

“Ryan and the team at align with Sentient Lasers’ mission to provide the industry with transparency, trusted, top quality equipment and unmatched customer service,” said Chris Cella, CEO of Sentient Lasers. “They’re dedicated to their customers and stand for excellence by providing them with honest information and quality service. We’re enthused to partner with such a like-minded organization and continue working toward setting an industry standard for aesthetic lasers through Blue Dot Certification.”

For more information on Sentient Lasers and its Blue Dot Certification, visit To learn more about, visit


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Founded in 2009, Sentient Lasers is a leading company in the pre-owned aesthetic laser industry that delivers the highest quality, most reliable pre-owned aesthetic lasers to physicians and med spas around the world. Sentient Lasers buys, sells, warranties, and provides service contracts for aesthetic lasers, IPL and RF devices. The company is revolutionizing the pre-owned laser industry with its proprietary Blue Dot Certification, a rigorous 20-point inspection and refurbishing process that ensures quality, longevity, safety, and clinical efficacy for aesthetic lasers. Based in Kamas, Utah but relocating to Park City in a couple of months, Sentient Lasers focuses on providing the best customer experience available, making it easier for businesses to diversify their practice and help other physicians gain market share in the fast-growing space. For more information, visit


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