End of Year Spending On Aesthetic Lasers

At the end of the year businesses may have money left to spend, and the mantra “use it or lose it” usually applies. There are many ways to use this leftover money to your advantage, but at Sentient, we think investing in quality resources that can enhance the value of your business is always the way to go.

An aesthetic laser can grow your practice in many ways. Getting the right laser for your patient population provides additional treatments, which means an additional source of revenue. That, coupled with the opportunity to market your practice with year-end specials means momentum rolling into the new year.

There’s no need to buy a brand new laser – buying refurbished lasers are a great way to get the product you’re looking for at a lower cost than direct from a manufacturer. We have many aesthetic lasers that have gone through our rigorous Blue Dot Certification program to ensure quality and safety. To learn more about this process, please click here.

Our inventory is constantly updated, check out our website for lasers that are available and in our warehouse right now including some special pricing for the end of the year!



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