Laser Spotlight: Alma Soprano ICE

Alma Soprano ICE Laser

There are a lot of reasons to like the Alma Soprano ICE laser. For laser hair removal practices that want to treat a wide range of patients, and offer the highest possible level of comfort during treatments, the Soprano ICE is an excellent cosmetic laser.

Alma is a trusted brand within the cosmetic laser industry. Their lasers and equipment helped aesthetic treatment practices provide profitable services to their patients with cutting edge and reliable technology.

The latest in a successful line of technology from Alma Lasers, the Soprano ICE hair removal laser is on the cutting edge of hair removal treatments. Combining the laser technology and the full range of handpieces in the Alma family, hair removal specialists can treat a wide range of patients.

The Alma Soprano ICE technology

Soprano ICE lasers use diode technology rather than flashlamp. Within the cosmetic laser industry, diode lasers have become the leading technology in laser hair removal for a variety of applications. The Soprano ICE uses a near-infrared laser platform with multiplex 755-nm, 810-nm and 1064-nm diode technology for laser hair removal.

Alma integrated contact cooling technology into the Soprano ICE to eliminate patient discomfort. While the laser maintains heat within the dermis, treating the hair follicles, the ICE cold sapphire tip dramatically reduces the risk of burns on the surface of the skin. The Contact Cooling technology is one of the best advances is laser hair removal designed to maximize patient comfort.

Effective approximate temperatures with the ICE technology

  • Epidermis temperature: 25 C
  • Dermis temperature: 45 C
  • Follicle temperature: 50 C

The Soprano ICE is approved for skin types Fitz I – VI (all skin types).

Soprano ICE Handpieces

The technology behind the Soprano ICE allows clinicians to treat all skin types. The range of laser handpieces from Alma provide the tools for them to apply that technology.

Diode Laser ALEX

As the name tells you, ALEX is based on an Alexandrite wavelength. The power of the Alexandrite wavelength provides effective hair removal treatments while the combined ICE technology provides patient comfort. The ALEX is an ideal handpiece for a broad range of hair types and color; this is particularly good for treating light-colored and thin hair.

Alma Speed

For hair removal from large areas, the Speed handpiece gets the job done quickly. The large spot size applicator provides quick treatments for larger areas and offers patients the effective hair removal on the market.

Alma Compact

For dark-skinned patients, the gradual heating process of the Alma Compact handpiece is well suited. The Alma SHR technology heats area slowly rather than hitting the area with fast, high heat applications. This reduces the potential damage and irritation to the skin.

Alma Diode Laser YAG

For technology specifically for darker skin types, the YAG uses a diode laser based on Nd: YAG wavelength has moderate energy absorption by the melanin chromophore. For darker skin, this process, combined with the Soprano ICE cooling technology, provides the most comfortable hair removal treatment option.

Buying an Alma Soprano ICE Laser

If you are starting a new cosmetic treatment practice, or adding services to your existing one, the Alma Soprano ICE laser is a great option to provide a wide range of treatments to virtually all skin types. There are great deals to be had with certified used Soprano ICE lasers. You can check out our online inventory, or give us a call.

So, you are thinking of starting a laser hair removal business

Every day, people are starting new businesses. Or, perhaps, adding new services to their existing business. While all new businesses or services have risks and require entrepreneurs to work with government regulations and licensing, the laser hair removal business has added layers of consideration. We look at the high-level considerations for starting or adding laser hair removal business and provide links to additional resources.

As you considered the possibility of starting a laser hair removal business, you will no doubt develop a business plan. There are many sources for general business plan development. You can download a pdf here. But, as we mentioned, there is an added layer of complexity when offering laser hair removal.

For instance, when you define your target market, this is more than a marketing exercise. It affects your capital outlay.

Your Market
Hair removal with lasers works on the principle of using heat to damage hair follicles. The heat comes from the absorption of concentrated light beams (the laser) pulsed onto the treatment area. To ensure that the laser is absorbed by the hair follicles and does not burn the skin, there must be a color contrast sufficient for the technology to distinguish between the two. We won’t delve int to detail (you can read more here), but the equipment you need for laser hair removal will depend on the services offered and clientele you have.

Most lasers work well with lighter skin tones or skin types. If your target market has a population with darker skin color or even tends to be more tan, then this affects the type of laser technology you need, which affects your capital requirements. Before you decide on the equipment and cost, you must be clear about your target audience.

Beyond the audience, you also need to determine the service. Facial hair removal vs large area hair removal (like the back), typically require different handsets. Again, this affects your capital requirements.

Creating your business plan involves defining your target audience. In most businesses, this is to help focus your marketing. But for laser hair removal, it also affects your initial investment requirements.

Local Licensing
Most states and towns require licenses for your business. But, laser hair removal has an added complexity of licensing since it is a medical procedure. The requirements vary by state and impact the type of facilities in which you can operate your business and the staff you must have on site.

In some state, a physician must be onsite and operate the lasers. Other states have levels of certifications and the scope of procedures one is allowed to perform depends on the certification. Yet, in others, there are few restrictions. Knowing the rules of your state is critical to being able to create a staffing plan for your new business.

For an idea of the span of requirements, you can check out: However, before you make any investments in locations or equipment, contact your own state’s regulatory body to be sure you have all the requirements nailed down.

Starting a new business is exciting. Ensuring you plan well and have the right laser equipment will keep that excitement going long after your doors first open. If you have any questions about cosmetic lasers, give us a call. We will be happy talk with you and ensure your laser equipment meets the needs of your new business.

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