We earned industry recognition because we earned your trust first

At nearly $700MM annually, and expected to grow at 10% year-over-year, the cosmetic treatment market holds great opportunity for businesses providing cosmetic laser services. According to the article Aesthetic / Cosmetic Lasers Market Forecast, the market for noninvasive cosmetic laser treatments continues to grow because:

  • Aging baby boomers are entering the market
  • Increase in disposable income of target demographic
  • Advancement in the technology of aesthetic products

To serve this marketing, you need reliable laser equipment. As an expert in cosmetic procedures, your patients trust you to provide results. In turn, you need to be able to trust your partners to ensure you have reliable, affordable laser equipment. If you’re not an expert on cosmetic lasers, you turn to those who are.

Finding reliable, reputable providers of used laser equipment can be a challenge. Your focus is on your patients, not keeping up with the technology, differences in laser operations and scope of treatments for each laser.  For a true partner, this is their job.

How do you know if you can rely on a cosmetic laser supplier to be a true partner?

Look for industry recognition.  Along with the global manufacturers, Sentient Lasers  is recognized as one of the major companies in the cosmetic laser market. We work with all major brands, providing an objective view of all the laser equipment options, repair services, and laser restoration. Over the years, we have been able to scale our company while maintaining a focus on our customers.

Beyond industry recognition, get to know the company. The industry recognition comes after developing the expertise and service our customers depend on to keep their practices running smoothly. Some of the key things our customers expect from us are:

  1. Certified Refurbished Lasers. With Blue Dot Certification, customers know they can count on the equipment to arrive in operational condition. Every Blue Dot Certified laser completes a 20-point inspection that ensures it meets manufacturer’s operating specifications.
  2. Affordability. Cosmetic lasers that meet manufacturer’s’ specs but are refurbished are the most economical route to providing treatments.
  3. Service by expert technicians. Whether it’s a 15 minute consultation or a complete repair, our technicians are industry experts across all the major manufacturers and get the job done.

While we are honored to be listed as one of the top companies in the cosmetic laser industry, we are more honored for the reason we made it to this level; the trust of our customers.