Aesthetic Laser Partner – More Than A Supplier

The aesthetic laser treatment market is growing. By 2022, the global treatment market is expected to hit $55B . This increase in consumer demand is driving the aesthetic laser manufacturing market to double that same year, up to $1.2B. As consumers enjoy more disposable income, and place emphasis on feeling and looking good as they age, local cosmetic/aesthetic laser treatment services are in growing demand.

As the market matures, so do the business practices of the laser treatment providers. Business owners & practitioners understand the dynamics of the market, supply chain, and technology are changing. From new tax benefits for capital investment in used laser equipment to developing partnerships with the suppliers of that equipment, the business is not what it used to be.

Developing a supplier partnership

In the early days of aesthetic laser treatment, there were few laser technology options. As technology advanced, so did the ability to treat different conditions and offer services to a broader spectrum of patients. This not only opened up more business opportunities, but it also introduced more complexity for the service provider.

The greater complexity of the aesthetic laser market makes a strong relationship between the service provider and their equipment supplier a necessity.

The Right Laser Equipment

Each local market is unique, with a specific client base and scope of treatments.  Aesthetic laser treatment providers need a supplier who will take the time to understand the specific market a provider services, and walk them through the equipment options that will best serve their demographic. A supplier who is locked into one or two brands can only provide limited equipment options, and perhaps not the right ones.

As a supplier of Certified Used Lasers via Blue Dot Certification, Sentient Lasers can review a broad scope of lasers to ensure the laser is ideal for the market.

Realistic Expectations

As a company that deals exclusively in used aesthetic lasers, we have seen them all and each many times. So, we know the practical aspects of the lasers, beyond OEM specs; we can guide you on how they operate in real-world, everyday use. When it comes to planning your business, understanding what to expect from the critical equipment is critical.

Laser Support & Service

Our technicians refurbish each laser in a 20-point process that ensures each cosmetic laser is ready for you to use on day one and beyond. However, as a good partner, we continue to support your purchase with exceptional customer services and technical expertise.

From ensuring you understand the operation of the laser to helping you re-calibrate the laser when it gets bumped, experiences wear or needs elements replace, we continue to be your partner.

In the event your laser requires repair, we are already familiar with your machine and have the technicians who are experts in the repair, service, and maintenance of your laser. One call can get you back up and running in no time.

Aesthetic Laser Trade-in

As the needs of your business change, you may need different laser technology to serve the market. With a partner, you can simultaneously sell your used laser and acquire a refurbished laser that aligns with your growing business. There is no need to ‘put your laser on the market.’ The transaction can be straightforward & simple so you can stay focused on your business.

The time of just buying a laser is done. Successful laser treatment providers need a complete, well-rounded partner to ensure they have the right equipment, operating and peak performance, and is right with them if things change.