Maintaining Cosmetic Lasers Uptime, and Revenue

Aesthetic laser treatments are an essential part of your revenue stream. And reliable equipment is key to maintaining that revenue. At Sentient Lasers, we understand that your aesthetic lasers are vital to your business. So, we are continually looking for ways to help you with laser equipment uptime and maintenance.

As we deepen our partnership with cosmetic treatment providers, we continually learn more about how we can help you. When you are looking for a laser, the price is important. But, a good price has to be paired with reliability. It doesn’t matter how cheap a laser is if it does not function properly.

We looked into how we can best meet the needs of cosmetic laser treatment providers for low cost yet reliable aesthetic lasers. Our goal is to provide lasers that work as well the day we ship them to you as they did the day they came off the factory floor. Used lasers are capable of performing to original factory specification, but only if refurbished properly.

Lasers Refurbished the BDC Way

The process of refurbishing an aesthetic laser to factory specs is not a simple one. We developed the Blue Dot Certification process specifically to ensure each used laser we sell is operating at original factory specs. This BDC process is a rigorous 20-point inspection that returns the cosmetic lasers to like-new condition, as ready to perform procedures as the day they come from the factory.

Aesthetic Laser Warranty

We understand that the process must be supported with a guarantee. It is not enough to say the laser is to factory specs; we have to put some skin in the game too. We are confident in our process and proud of our professional laser technicians. So, we can provide an extensive Warranty for our Blue Dot Certified laser.


Revenue From Laser Treatment Services

The bottom line for Sentient Lasers is to help you with your bottom line. From low-cost lasers that are easier on your cash flow, to partnerships that ensure you get the right laser for your practice, to an industry-leading Warranty that backs up our lasers, we are helping you to maintain a steady revenue flow and to keep more of the revenue you generate.

If you have any questions about our BDC Warranty, need assistance with your laser, or you are looking to acquire an aesthetic laser, please give us a call. We’re always happy to help.