The First Questions To Ask When Buying A Laser

You need to buy a cosmetic laser. Perhaps you are adding/expanding aesthetic treatments to your services, or you need to replace an existing cosmetic laser. Before you make the investment, there are questions you should answer. Some questions are apparent, others perhaps not as obvious.

You know which treatments you want to offer. Now it’s time to select the right laser. Here are your first considerations.

New vs Used Aesthetic Laser?

The question of new or used frequently starts with cost. Simply, used aesthetic lasers cost less. Right out of the gate, there is an advantage to buying used.

There is also a tax advantage for buying used. If you are not familiar with the new tax rules, adding used equipment receives a better tax treatment than new. You can read more about the new tax rules here.

The not so obvious consideration when considering new vs used is objectivity. Suppliers for used aesthetic lasers are not tied to one or two brands. With used lasers, the supplier does not have a vested interest or bias, they can speak with you candidly about the pros and cons of each laser that meets your technical requirements.

Of course, when you buy a used laser, you also want it to come with a warranty. With programs like Blue Dot Certification, you can be confident your used laser is refurbished to factory specs and carries a strong warranty.

What Type of Laser Supplier?

When dealing with complex technology, the purchase of the equipment is only the first step. You can purchase from a broker or you can purchase from a company. Which is best for your business?

The broker can source different lasers from other sellers. But was sold, the typical broker is not in a position to support the equipment and may have limited knowledge of the actual technology. Additionally, brokers are not technicians and will be unable to attest to the condition.

You are better served dealing with a company that staffs industry trained technicians, experienced sales teams, and excellent customer support. Once you have the equipment installed, you will have questions. Over time, you will need maintenance. These things are better supported by a well-staffed company.

Which Cosmetic Laser

Your decision on which laser to buy is situationally specific. You can read quite a bit out each laser that meets your technical requirements. But, you are best served if you can speak to a person who is involved with lasers from manufacturers across the spectrum.

Experts with this experience can help you select between multiple lasers that meet your criteria. They have input from real-world users, not just spec sheets or the manufacturers sell sheets.  With the right input, you can select the laser the both meet your technical spec and the way you want to work.

The Business Decision

When you are in business, most transactions are as much about relationships as about equipment. Aesthetic lasers are no different.

The first questions to answer regarding your laser purchase are not about the equipment, they are about the business of your relationship.


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