Sentient Lasers Launches New Purchasing Program

Park City— Sentient Lasers® , the leading solutions company for the aesthetic market which specializes in service, sales, procurement, leasing and warranty of laser and light-based technologies, today announced the company now purchases new devices and equipment directly from manufacturers, offering new options and services to its customers.

With the new service, the company can purchase larger orders of an array of laser aesthetic devices for its customers, allowing the company to maintain consistent inventory and provide choices with servicing products. For example, Sentient Lasers® can work with customers to determine if devices have reached their shelf life and should be replaced or if they can be revitalized with new parts. Sentient Lasers® will also roll out leasing options for these new devices in the coming months.

“This is an incredible milestone for both Sentient Lasers® and our customers,” said Chris Cella, CEO of Sentient Lasers® . “We are committed to making sure our customers have choices when purchasing laser aesthetic equipment. Purchasing directly from manufacturers allows us to diversify our services while still providing affordable and transparent options with doctors and medical professionals in this market.”

The company has a history of revolutionizing the medical laser industry. The new service follows recent launches such as their proprietary Blue Dot Certification®, a 20-point inspection created to ensure quality, longevity, transparency, and safety for aesthetic lasers as well as its Dot Demo service, a first for the aesthetic laser market which provides customers with a live video demonstration of a laser of their choice from the comfort of their home or office.

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About Sentient Lasers®  

Founded in 2009 and based in Park City, Utah, Sentient Lasers® is a leading company in the pre-owned aesthetic laser industry that delivers the highest quality, most reliable pre-owned aesthetic lasers to doctors and medical professionals around the world. Sentient Lasers® buys, sells and services aesthetic lasers as well as IPL and RF devices. The company has revolutionized the pre-owned laser industry with the Blue Dot Protection Plan as well as its proprietary Blue Dot Certification®, a rigorous 20-point inspection and refurbishing process that ensures quality, longevity, safety, and clinical efficacy for aesthetic lasers. Sentient Lasers® is a champion of delivering the best customer experience available and creating a more honest aesthetic laser marketplace. With Sentient Lasers® , businesses and physicians alike can choose the equipment that’s best for them at a fair, reasonable price and gain market share in the fast-growing space. For more information, visit

3 Ways Barcoding Technology Benefits Warehouses and Increase Efficiency

In an age of faster shipping and delivery times brought on by retail giants like Amazon, efficiency within warehouses has become increasingly important. One tried-and-true method of warehouse organization is barcoding technology. With this process, as new inventory comes in, it’s labeled with individual plate numbers and then added to a digital list of the warehouse’s inventory. Once labeled, warehouses can track inventory on a micro-level, increasing efficiency throughout.

There are many of benefits to organizing a warehouse both for the customer and the company. Below are three main ways using barcoding technology can help:

  1. Collecting Internal Data

Similarly to how tracking personnel hours at a company provides useful insight to where time is being spent and therefore where money is going, tracking inventory using barcoding technology offers warehouses useful metrics on how the company is running. Barcoding technology provides insight into what areas of the warehouse are frequented most, which products are available and how many, and when it’s time to order more of something. Knowing these details can help a company run more efficiently and provide customers greater transparency.

  • Increases Employee Productivity

Without proper technology and organization, warehouses are susceptible to human error. Adding a barcoding system decreases human error because it removes the need to memorize numbers or codes of products and replaces it with a scanning technology. It also allows employees to locate specific machines or parts without even entering the warehouse, decreasing the amount of time running around searching for a product solely based on its make or model.

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

There are two main ways that barcoding technology increases customer satisfaction. One way is by decreasing human error and therefore increasing the speed of getting products into customers hands. A second way is by creating transparency. In the past, warehouses without barcoding technology lacked visibility. Today, customers have their own dashboards where they can log in and check on the status of their purchase. Think: Dominos’ pizza delivery app that shows where your pizza is in its process.

If you’re looking to update your warehouse technology, consider barcoding your inventory. Though the process may take some time and hard work on the frontend, the benefits of easy tracking and quick processing will become apparent soon after. Reduced human error and expanded possibilities for tracking products make barcoding technology an integral asset to warehouse management.

The 3 Best Options for Selling Your Aesthetic Laser

The high cost of purchasing aesthetic lasers can make profitability nearly impossible, which is often why physicians turn to the pre-owned market. Fully refurbished, pre-owned units keep capital costs low, depreciate less, and allow for further resale value to remain fairly even with the purchase price.

Thanks to the emergence of new and innovative technologies, the process of buying and selling pre-owned aesthetic lasers has become highly reliable and involves equipment guaranteed to perform at the same standards of high-priced new devices. The question is: What are the best ways to connect sellers with buyers?

There are three satisfaction-guaranteed methods for selling aesthetic lasers: a wholesale sales process, consignment, and using a third-party website to utilize the For Sale By Owner Market.

Here’s an overview of those three options:

  1. The Wholesale Process

If you’re retiring from your practice, moving away from providing laser services, or have other reasons why you want to sell your aesthetic laser quickly, the fastest process involves selling the equipment on a wholesale basis. Sentient Lasers can take care of every step of the process, including the warranty, and sale of the laser. With over 350 lasers and new inventory arriving daily, it’s easy for Sentient to turn no-longer-needed equipment into cash.

In addition, doctors can be put on a “watchlist” so that when a specific laser or piece of equipment shows up for sale, they will be notified that it’s on the market.

2. Consignment

If you’re looking to make a little more money on the sale—and if you’re not pressed for time—another avenue for selling your laser is consignment. In other words, your laser will be put up for sale by a qualified third party, at a price you help set.

Companies like Sentient will take possession of your equipment and thoroughly service via their Blue Dot Certification program (at a small fee) to make sure it is up to manufacturer’s specs. This ensures the laser is safe and works properly. The, Sentient will assist in advertising to potential buyers. This consignment process allows a laser to go on the market in its best working order—through a trusted seller—to obtain the price you deserve.

3. For Sale By Owner Market

Doctors who don’t want to sell wholesale or go through the consignment process can make use of websites such as to broker the sale of an aesthetic laser.

The For Sale By Owner process has been in existence for some time. Companies in the market will take care of most of the details involved in a brokered sale—including logistics, shipping and handling costs, and the paper work.

It’s important to note that by using this process, each party—the buyer and the seller—signs a contract that protects them both. If, for example, a laser is delivered to a new owner and it’s not in expected shape or condition, a sale can be undone, or a renegotiation can be initiated.

Remember: Selling an aesthetic laser among peers is a smart way to recoup part of your initial investment in professional equipment. Depending on the time you have to make the sale, and the price you want to achieve, selling wholesale, by consignment or via the For Sale By Owner Market are your best options.

Better Communication Through Technology

Sentient Lasers is once again altering the landscape of the aesthetic laser industry. A Leading Solutions Company in the Aesthetic Laser Market, Sentient is extending the reach of their technological resources beyond lasers and to the customer. Typically, when a consumer investigates buying a laser, they are met with various obstacles. The first, and potentially the biggest being the concern is if the seller is legitimate. Additionally, potential buyers are unable to verify the laser’s quality, and even just picking which laser is appropriate for their office can be an overwhelming task.

Sentient Lasers is changing that.

By utilizing technology, Sentient Lasers can provide its customers with top tier support and transparency – whether they are just starting their search or looking to upgrade a device they already have.

  • A Specialized Inventory Search Engine
    • When purchasing a system, it is never ideal to scroll through a catalogue of options with little to no filters. On Sentient Lasers’ website, the team has made it easy for both new and old customers to search through the Sentient Inventory.  Whether the doctor or office manager is looking to stick to a brand they trust, update to a newer model with different features, or aren’t familiar with lasers, they can easily search by brand, model, or procedure.
  • The Ability to Offer Complete Digital Access to All Products
    • With just a click, interested customers can set up a Dot Demo Appointment. The first of its kind in the aesthetic laser community, the Dot Demo Service is a live demonstration of a laser shown via video conferencing. Sentient Lasers knows that their customers lead busy lives and offers this experience for those who can’t make it to their Park City Headquarters. With the Dot Demo Service, the prospective buyer can ask the sales associate questions about the laser system, watch it in action, and get an up-close look at the actual laser they are considering adding to their office.
  • Technology for the Sake of Transparency – The Sentient Way
    • Sentient Lasers is a company committed to total transparency in the aesthetic laser market and they’re using technology to support that mission. 24-hour Live Cameras are situated in the Sentient Lasers Warehouses in Park City, Utah. Customers are encouraged to tune in and see the conditions, quality control, and honesty that Sentient is committed to. The live-stream can put doctors, office managers, and other potential customers at ease knowing that Sentient Lasers are doing exactly what they say they are.
  •  Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp and More
    • The Sentient team is available via a host of apps and technologies all with the touch of a button. We know that using a smartphone is the way to get business done and our team is prepared to use whatever port of communication that works best for our customers. Whether it’s video, audio, or both, our motto is Service. Elevated

By offering consumers the opportunity to search their Blue Dot Certified inventory, get an on-line Dot Demo viewing of their laser of interest, and even a behind-the-scenes look at their process, Sentient Lasers is upping the industry standard in safety, logistics, and customer service. When it comes to quality lasers and an outstanding experience, Sentient knows from start to finish how to bring the technology to you.   

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Sentient Lasers Announces Launch of Dot Demo Service

Leading Solutions Company in the Aesthetic Laser Market Launches Industry-First Live Video Demonstration for Full Transparency of Laser Capabilities

PARK CITY— February 19, 2019Sentient Lasers, the leading solutions company in the aesthetic laser industry which specializes in service, sales, procurement, leasing and warranty, announced today the launch of its Dot Demo service. A first for the aesthetic laser market, the Dot Demo service provides customers with a live video demonstration of a laser of their choice from the comfort of their home or office.

Dot Demo is designed to make it easier for current and potential customers to learn about the lasers they’re interested in purchasing. They can virtually view the laser, ask questions about it, watch it function properly, and make sure all accessories and parts are accounted for as specified; all from the comfort of their own home or office.

“We created Dot Demo because we saw a need for transparency in the aesthetic laser industry,” said Tim Jutras, service manager at Sentient Lasers. “Time and time again, people have come to us with stories about purchasing a laser from a broker and either receiving a laser that doesn’t work and then not hearing back from the seller or even worse, never actually receiving the laser that they purchased. At Sentient, our customers can trust that they are getting exactly what they need and expect, and Dot Demo only helps reassure them of that.”

Along with launching the Dot Demo service, Sentient Lasers also unveiled a new website that is easier than ever to navigate. Featuring a comprehensive way to look for aesthetic lasers, the website allows users to search by brand, model or procedure and browse through hundreds of lasers. The site features the ability for owners to sell their lasers in safe, easy way. The entire Blue Dot Certification process is detailed through the site providing the full process. Additionally, the website features a 24-hour live video feed so that customers can see into every aspect of Sentient Lasers’ operation from the entryway and office suites to the shipping area and warehouse. To schedule a Dot Demo on Sentient Lasers’ website, users can simply search through Sentient Lasers’ vast inventory of Blue Dot Certified lasers, find the product they are interested in virtually viewing, and schedule a time with a specialist.

This is the second time Sentient Lasers is changing the way the medical laser industry does business. In 2017, the company announced the launch of its proprietary Blue Dot Certification®, a 20-point inspection created to ensure quality, longevity, transparency and safety for aesthetic lasers. The certification has set a standard in the industry, guaranteeing that customers receive the best and safest possible product, following a rigorous refurbishing process.

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About Sentient Lasers

Founded in 2009, Sentient Lasers is a leading company in the pre-owned aesthetic laser industry that delivers the highest quality, most reliable pre-owned aesthetic lasers to physicians and med spas around the world. Sentient Lasers buys, sells and services aesthetic lasers as well as IPL and RF devices. The company is revolutionizing the pre-owned laser industry with its proprietary Blue Dot Certification®, a rigorous 20-point inspection and refurbishing process that ensures quality, longevity, safety, and clinical efficacy for aesthetic lasers. Based in Park City, Utah, Sentient Lasers focuses on providing the best customer experience available, making it easier for businesses to diversify their practice and help other physicians gain market share in the fast-growing space. For more information, visit