Sell Your Laser

As the industry leader in aesthetic lasers, Sentient Lasers® wants to make sure your experience in selling your laser is simple. Our experienced staff and representatives offer guidance throughout the process and can ensure you receive the best value possible for your system. We offer three ways that you can sell your laser, ensuring transparency and ease.

How to Sell Your Used Aesthetic Laser System

1. Sell Your Laser to Us

If you’re looking for a quick turn around, sell your laser to us! Our state-of-the-art facility houses over 350 lasers and we are purchasing new inventory daily. We can turn your existing laser into cash

2. Try Our Consignment Program

Sentient Lasers® has a unique consignment program. If you do not need to sell your laser immediately, let us help! We’ll do the work you’ll maximize the return

3. Sell Directly to a Buyer

Our sister company, directly connects owners and buyers to each other through their marketplace – the largest For Sale By Owner site in the world. Simply fill out the easy one-page form below to get started. If you need assistance, please reach out and we can help.

Maximize the Value of Your Laser

Do you want to maximize your laser value? Blue Dot Certification is one of the best ways to ensure you receive the most value for your system. BDC is a 20-point inspection process that confirms your system is up to the manufacturer’s specifications, allowing you to sell your used aesthetic laser at a higher price point than typical pre-owned’ lasers. If you would like to learn about how you can have your laser Blue Dot Certified please contact us. Statistics show that a laser that has the BDC sell more easily and at higher prices

For more information, or questions on which option is best for you to sell your laser, call us at 855-819-3781 or email us at

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