used condela and palomar cosmetic lasers
“My experience with Sentient medical laser sales has been nothing but positive!”
Teresa McMillin, Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics
“Very professional and comprehensive customer care from the point of sale, service and support.”
Michael Rassael, Millennium Medical
“This was the first time we had purchased from Sentient and I have to say the experience has been 100% positive”
Charles K. , Studio 32
“We found Sentient to be a great alternative to the manufacturer. The price was right and they were excellent to work with.”
Sean H., Valley Med Spa
“I cannot say enough good about Sentient! Ben, Eric and Amy are a dream to work with.”
April H., Gillette, Laser Clinic
“My experience with Sentient lasers was an overall good one. My time restrictions were honored and all my needs in a laser were met.”
Jade Pinto, Ink Sanctuary
Cynosure-Elite Used Cosmetic Laser
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Certified Used Luminis cosmetic laser for sale by Sentient Lasers

We sell Blue Dot Certified, used cosmetic lasers, IPLs, and RF devices. If you want to add new revenue streams to your practice or med-spa, our expert representatives will get you into the laser that is right for you. We offer hair removal laser equipment, tattoo removal lasers, microdermabrasion lasers, and many more aesthetic lasers to handle any cosmetic procedure.

Laser reps from the OEM manufacturers care about one thing- selling you a laser that they manufacture and getting the most money possible out of your wallet. At Sentient Lasers we want you to purchase a device that performs the modalities you are looking for at a price that makes sense. We want your laser to be a long-lasting profit center for you!

We always have a large inventory of lasers, IPLs, and RF equipment, and if we don’t have what you are looking for we know where to get it.

All of the used lasers, IPLs, and RF devices that we sell undergo our trademarked Blue Dot Certification process before they are sent to their new owner. Blue Dot Certification ensures that your laser performs to the OEM’s specs when new, that if properly maintained, will last for many years to come. We understand the pain when a laser goes down and appointments have to be cancelled, so we developed Blue Dot Certification to make sure that your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. We have spent many years and large financial resources developing Blue Dot, and we take great pride in sending out the highest quality used lasers in our industry.


We repair and service cosmetic lasers, IPLs, CO2, Diode, and RF devices. Sentient Lasers has the best tech department in the aesthetic laser industry, bar none.

When we founded our company in 2009, we did so with a vision of providing what nobody else in the industry was doing at the time- refurbishing cosmetic equipment to OEM specs and providing warranties backed up by a tech department that had a true understanding of how those devices worked and how to service them.

Every cosmetic laser, IPL, and RF is a unique instrument, each with its own set of protocols. We have refurbished and serviced thousands of lasers made by Cutera, Palomar, BTL, Cynosure, Sciton, Alma, Hoya Con Bio, and others, and nobody knows their way around these machines like we do at Sentient.

We have a massive library of parts and can get your aesthetic laser back up and running so that you can get back to making money.


You can rent cosmetic lasers and IPLs from Sentient Lasers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Delivery, setup, and training are all included in every aesthetic laser rental.

Our cosmetic laser rental service is perfect for any cosmetic procedure offering, including laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal microdermabrasion, laser vascular treatments, and more.

Sentient Lasers rental service is a great way to add additional procedures to your practice without the upfront investment of purchasing a new cosmetic laser.

used aesthetic lasers for rent

Sentient Lasers has three ways for you to sell your laser

Certified Used ConBio_aCyno cosmetic laser for sale by Sentient Lasers

We purchase cosmetic lasers, IPLs, and RF devices from all of the leading manufacturers- Cynosure, Palomar, Cutera, Syneron, Candela, Alma, ConBio, Lutronic, Sciton, BTL Aesthetics, Lumenis, and more. We are one of the only companies in the industry that will pay you cash immediately for your used laser. We take a no-nonsense approach to this process and can close transactions and get you paid in as little as 24 hours. With our deep financial backing, we also have the ability to do bulk purchases up to $500,000. Don’t be fooled by the “offers” from others in our industry that are really just a way to keep you engaged while they try to sell your laser so they can afford to pay you. Sentient Lasers will pay you immediately after making an offer on your pre-owned cosmetic laser, IPL, or RF device. Click here if you would like us to buy your cosmetic laser.

We have the industry-leading consignment program. If you are not in a rush to sell your laser, our consignment program may be the best option for you. Sentient will have your aesthetic laser, IPL, or RF device shipped to our in-house tech department near Park City Utah. We will then market your laser, Blue Dot Certify your laser, and sell it to the next owner. Once your laser sells you are paid in full. Because of our reputation and our Blue Dot Certification process, we are able to command the highest prices in the industry upon the resale of your cosmetic laser, which in turns provides the most cash to you. In return for waiting for payment, we are able to pay you more from consignment than you would with an immediate purchase.

Lasers For Sale By Owner. You can list your laser “For Sale By Owner” with Sentient. Provide us with the information on your laser and some pictures, and we will post it on the FSBO page on our website. We will relay all inquiries to you, and it is your decision to accept or refuse the offers. We also offer optional Blue Dot Certification to make your used laser more attractive to potential buyers.

Please call us at 855-819-3781 to discuss the best way for you to sell your used cosmetic laser, or click this link to fill out our seller’s form.


 You can buy used cosmetic lasers directly from Sentient Lasers. Our Blue Dot Certification program ensures you can buy your next laser with confidence. All used lasers we sell are refurbished to OEM specs by industry trained technicians. Browse our entire inventory of used lasers, or visit our OEM lasers’ pages:

We also provide you with the option to buy a laser from other medical practices or sellers. Browse our For Sale by Owner section to see what other practice are selling. We will connect the buy and seller


Laser Consultation

You are investing in a cosmetic laser to provide services to your patients which will generate revenue for your company. To be sure the laser you select is the best device for your practice, a Sentient Lasers representative will discuss your clientele, your current services, the services you desire to add, and your premises. By taking the time with our customers up front, we can provide with equipment that maximizes your chance of success.

Laser Certification

Each laser sold by Sentient Lasers comes with Blue Dot Certification. Blue Dot Certified lasers undergo the most rigorous refurbishment process in the industry, and are guaranteed to fire according to the manufacturer’s original specifications- in other words, your laser will fire as if it was new.

Pre-shipping Inspection

We record video of each laser immediately prior to shipment, verifying the serial number, shot count, display and functionality of the laser. Additionally, our customers can see the overall condition of the laser before it leaves our facility.

Delivery, Installation, and Training

Sentient Lasers insures all shipments in case of damage in transit. When the laser arrives on premise, it should be inspected immediately, noting any damage. While issues are rare, if they arise we need to deal with them promptly.

Sentient Lasers will arrange for professional installation of your new Blue Dot Certified pre owned cosmetic laser at your facility. Proper setup is critical to the operation of any laser, and failure to follow the correct procedures may result in damage to the laser.

For those that are new to the industry, or new to the device that has just been purchased, Sentient can arrange for professional training for your staff, on-site at your facility. Please inquire with your Sentient representative about this process.

Documentation and Maintenance

Properly maintaining a laser is key to a long service life. We will provide you with the documentation for your laser and we are available to you for questions or clarification. Our objective is to provide you with a laser that can generate revenue for your practice for years to come. Even after your warranty period is over, Sentient will always be there for you to service your laser, or to refer local technicians to help you. Sentient Lasers is your laser lifecycle partner.
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Sentient Lasers provides a better experience than new at ½ the price through world class products, service, and customer support.
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