You help people look their best,
but who’s looking out for you?
Sentient Lasers® is the indispensable ally and champion for doctors and medical professionals— aggressively fighting for fairer business practices and a more honest aesthetic laser marketplace.
Our Blue Dot Seal of Approval sets the industry standard, demonstrating the quality of our products, and giving doctors the confidence and peace of mind in these critical pieces of equipment for their business.


Our Blue Dot Certification® program ensures you can buy your next laser with confidence.

We also provide you with the option to buy a laser from other medical practices or sellers. Contact us and we will connect the buyer and seller.
Very professional and comprehensive customer care from the point of sale, service and support.-MICHAEL RASSAEL, MILLENIUM MEDICAL
If asked by a business colleague my opinion regarding a purchase from Sentient vs. a manufacturer, there are clear benefits. The purchase price of the equipment is much less than purchasing new from the manufacturer. Sentient Laser’s equipment is Blue Dot Certified® , and Sentient also offers warranties, training, and repair options should it be necessary. Communication was excellent. I have not experienced this type of communication with a number of competing companies in the past. Good communication with this type of transaction is crucial..– Dr. Nicole DeCamp, Dermatologist
Sentient takes the time to be sure you know your options. They are honest. They stand behind their products. I really feel like (they are) on my side. .– Richard Eggleston, Eggleston & Eggleston P.C.
My experience with Sentient has always been positive. I hear from the team in a timely fashion, they are always upfront and honest. I would recommend Sentient as I truly trust the team .– Christine Dreier SELF Aesthetics and Therapeutic Specialists
I have been working very successfully with Sentient Lasers® for a long time, I find them to be very reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Sentient Lasers easily provides the very best options for purchasing laser technology and equipment available. If you are selling, you will get an honest offer for your equipment. This company is a necessary asset and a wealth of information for anyone in the industry..– Jim McDaniel Med Laser Service
We have used the services of Sentient Lasers® to both refurbish lasers we own as well as purchase a newer model of a laser we had. The service and support has been first class. .– Dr Gregory Lynam Richmond Surgical Arts

Make a safe investment. Our 20-point inspection ensures that BUYING BLUE is the smart option; empowering you to purchase a laser you can depend on. Each laser sold by Sentient Lasers® comes with Blue Dot Certification® . Blue Dot Certified® lasers undergo the most rigorous refurbishment process in the industry, and are guaranteed to fire according to the manufacturer’s original specifications- in other words, your laser will fire as if it was new.
We record video of each laser immediately prior to shipment, verifying the serial number, shot count, display and functionality of the laser. Additionally, our customers can see the overall condition of the laser before it leaves our facility.
Properly maintaining a laser is key to a long service life. We will provide you with the documentation for your laser and we are available to you for questions or clarification. Our objective is to provide you with a laser that can generate revenue for your practice for years to come. Even after your warranty period is over, Sentient Lasers® will always be there for you to service your laser, or to refer local technicians to help you. Sentient Lasers® is your laser lifecycle partner.
Sentient Lasers® insures all shipments in case of damage in transit. When the laser arrives on-premise, it should be inspected immediately, noting any damage. While issues are rare, if they arise we need to deal with them promptly. Sentient Lasers® will arrange for professional installation of your new Blue Dot Certified® cosmetic laser at your facility. Proper setup is critical to the operation of any laser, and failure to follow the correct procedures may result in damage to the laser. For those that are new to the industry, or new to the device that has just been purchased, Sentient can arrange for professional training for your staff, on-site at your facility. Please inquire with your Sentient representative about this process.

Service first, sales second. We repair and service aesthetic lasers, IPLs, CO2,Diode, and RF devices. Sentient Lasers has a diverse and highly trained tech department like no other in the aesthetic laser industry. When we founded our company in 2009, we did so with a vision of providing what nobody else in the industrywas doing at the time- refurbishing cosmetic equipment to OEM specs and providing warranties backed up by a tech department that had a true understanding of how those devices worked and how to service them.

Every aesthetic laser, IPL, and RF is a unique instrument, each with its own set of protocols. We have refurbished and serviced thousands of lasers made by Cutera, Palomar, BTL, Cynosure, Sciton, Alma, Con Bio, Zeltiq, and others, and nobody knows their way around these machines like we do at Sentient.

We have a massive supply of parts and can get your aesthetic laser back up and running so that you can get back to making money.